Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Colorado Experience

2,100 miles and counting. What a day yesterday. Colorado is everything i was looking for and a lot more than i expected.

The day started a Boulder and heading to Estes Park. Well, within 3 miles of the hotel i pull over to take a picture of the mountains and first crash of the day. Someone pulls over and help me get the bike up.. I check it around and only seems to have suffered cosmetic damages. Back on the road we are.

After Estes Park, i ride thru the mountains, heading towards Idaho Springs. Well, i was looking for an exciting ride, and Colorado provided that, for sure. What a ride, really nice ride and beatiful views. Maybe too beautiful, because i pull over once again to take some pictures and the gravel throws me again on the ground. Second time in the day, very similar crashes. This time the bike stops few feet off the cliff. FML! Someone pulls over and help me get the bike back on the road. More damages and i do feel like my day is going down the drain. What else could happen?

Well, my GPS happened: it basically takes me to CR-279, an off-road that i need to go thru for about 3 miles. And to spicy things up, it is fucking rainy!

WTF! Whats going on? I am riding on a dirt road, under the rain and already pissed off i crashed twice in the day. 3 miles later i am back on the asphalt and everything seems to be fine, until the asphalt magically becomes gravel. Again. For another 3 miles. And this time down the mountain, single lane, pouring rain. I could not believe what was happening. No guard rail, no asphalt, no nothing, just the edge of the road and the mountain down below. And i am soaking wet!

I magically made to Idaho Springs alive - it seems like the same Gods playing the tricks are also on your side - and i decide to skip the Colorado experience and take I-70 west for a bit. Still raining but better than the mountains. What else could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, this time the bike went wrong. After passing the tunnel, i pulled over - this time not falling down - to add another layer since i was all wet, and suddenly the bike shuts down. Whats next is 2 hours trying to figure out what to do and getting a tow truck to take it to a bike shope in Silverthorne. What a day!

Yesterday was the Colorado experience. Today i made to Steamboat and heading to SLC. And please, no more surprises!

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