Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Encounters of the Weird Degree


Noun: encounter

  1. A minor short-term fight
  2. A casual or unexpected convergence
  3. A casual meeting with a person of thing
  4. A hostile disagreement face-to-face
  5. A cop stopping you on the highway

Noun: “weird degree

  1. Suggesting the operation of supernatural influences
  2. Strikingly odd or unusual
  3. Beyond what is natural
  4. A cop stopping you on the highway, separating you from your friends, interrogating each one individually and checking the answers and politely asking if you have an amphetamine lab in your RV.




Now I can look back and laugh at our encounter, but it was a damn intense moment. Very weird how similar to the Supertroopers opening scene it was… Geez.. luckily Adriano was the only one that had a chance to sit inside the police car with the K-9 smiling at him.




Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catalina, The Brave

After 1,300 miles we are at Omaha, Nebraska. No, this is not a planned stop point, we don't know anyone in Nebraska and we most definitely wish we were somewhere near Boulder/Denver. But that’s how life is: you plan for coffee, and you get tea. You plan for black, and sometimes you get white.

Catalina, The Brave. Indeed, La Poderosa, The Powerful Conqueror. Royal brave girl disguised as a humble pagan. Wounded in battle, scarred for life, but resilient. Maybe it is the Transformers’ culture influence in which machines mirror people and even show feelings, or maybe it is just me hoping she is on my side. Either way, it is a machine with lots of character, something rare in some people.  

She has been driving 16 hours a day, with a leaky water pump, covering ground to get us to our destination. At every stop, a puddle of antifreeze is beneath her. Temperature running high, but within specs shows us her desire to keep on moving, to not give up, and continue the course. Showing off the resilience within, showing off her character.

We have been racing for 1,300 miles to locate a water pump and a garage shop that could do the swap. Not a easy task, considering it is a 1988 vehicle and no parts store will store it. I was actually able to locate an Autozone store in Nebraska that had a returned part in stock. And on top all off mechanical issues, we had a route to follow.


IMGP7351On the way to Chicago - 1st Night, Dunkin Donuts



IMGP7586The Crew + Catalina, The Brave – 2nd Night, Lake Manawa State Park, Iowa


Ron’s Garage

Miles driven today so far: 0



IMGP7595 IMGP7597 



Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Crew

The crew has finally met at Ground Control. And what a unique crew: two Brazilian hippies; and American lawyer and a Russian Buddhist.   We know for sure we are legally protected, spiritually blessed and, well, ready to party!

And to close the circle, we have Catalina: clean, shiny and desperate to hit the road. It is her purpose on life, it gives her meaning. She is not supposed to be parked in a driveway somewhere in Connecticut. She needs the road. She needs the asphalt passing underneath her at 60 mph. She wants to show everyone she is capable of that one more challenge. And she will successfully, with the help of our unique crew, achieve that.



 IMGP7177  IMGP7179


IMGP7181 IMGP7186

Monday, August 2, 2010

Round Trip Created


6,465 miles round trip created. Just click on maps for biggies!