Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Gypsy Queen


Here are some of the unique things you may only find around Black Rock City: a fisherman’s boat loaded with speakers and dancing fishermen in the middle of the desert! And if you realize that Black Rock desert is a lakebed that is a dry remnant of Lake Lahontan, then you get the extra humor of having a fisherman’s boat cruising around a dry lake!

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This year we dropped our shop at the Gypsy Queen camp. Actually, it was more like we invaded their village than anything else, but at the end of the day they were nice enough to let us stay at their village area (and we had a 29’ long camper plus a yurt and tents, so we did take some nice floor area).


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Their village was big and we only had a chance to interact with a few of them, mostly the ones near our HQ (it already felt bad invading their camp, so we tried our best to be as little intrusive as possible). My understanding was some of them lived in North Carolina (if not all of them) and they actually drove the Gypsy Queen cross-country for the event (as in previous years). Well, I imagine most people have not cruised cross-country in a regular car, however, I can relate to traveling thousand of miles in a big vehicle. Still, I can’t imagine how they did it on a boat! I vaguely remember talking about the trip to one of the owners (pictured below) and if i recall correctly, they had mechanical problems and almost didn't make to BRC.


08-31-10 @ 21,27,44

Well, things happen at the playa, and they made it all right!

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I am not the man they think I am at home, Oh no.. no…  nooo…
I am a Fisherman!