Friday, November 18, 2011

Please Burn My Pain


Here are some photos which, in my opinion, best represent what Black Rock City really is. You won’t find any naked girls, parties, nice landscape or an intriguing piece of art. Yes, BRC has all of that (maybe way too much) and a lot more, but so do other cities.

Instead, if you look closer (and I urge you to click on each photo for a biggie) you may find something more than messages written on lumber. It took  me a few burns to actually come to this realization about Burning Man. It took me a few years to understand the meaning of the Temple. This understanding came with a strong desire to cry and smile at the same time, while experiencing a sunrise at the temple.

See these writings. Read these messages. Understand them. Realize how we all share the same feelings in a way or another. Realize how we share the same fear and dreams.

Then realize we are indeed one.


September 03_09-42-35


September 03_09-42-50September 03_09-43-22


September 03_09-43-02


September 03_09-44-12September 03_09-44-24


September 03_09-43-38


September 03_09-46-30September 03_09-44-59


September 03_09-47-32


September 03_09-46-59September 03_09-48-46


September 03_09-47-46


September 03_09-48-05


September 03_09-50-42September 03_09-51-41


September 03_10-08-06


September 03_09-49-59September 03_09-54-27


September 03_10-10-59


September 03_09-49-09September 03_09-59-41


September 03_10-06-21

September 03_10-09-17September 03_10-11-24


September 03_10-09-42


September 03_10-12-48








September 03_09-51-17