Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Achilles, God of Crutches


Burning 2011 is in jeopardy! As of today, I am 100% convinced that I do not know if I’ll be coming to the playa this year. Yes, this is 100% accurate: I absolutely do not know what will happen, and I am glad to say that I do not have a plan (wow, just typing it about sheds an extra 25 pounds off my soul…)

June 10th: Snapped!
After a well-done soccer stunt, if I may actually call wondering around the soccer field after a game a stunt, my Achilles tendon simply gave up and ruptured on me: loud snap, lost foot movement and I knew right away the culprit, Mr. Achilles, the God of Crutches. Arranged for a ride back home and Adriano took me to the ER. Surprisingly not a lot of pain, but total lack of movement. My right foot was like a piece meat simply hanging in there…

I remember going thru the same feelings I had back when I had the bike accident: am I going to fully get back from this and be able to do the various things that I love doing? 


The pictures above were taken a week after the incident, a week before the surgery. So far the only photos taken this spring/summer. I needed someone recording me, hoping around, adjusting lighting and angles, during a very hot afternoon… Well, the struggle is behind me and the show is here… Well worthy in my opinion: this is the shot to remind me of this ordeal I am going thru.

June 22nd: Knife Time!


This is me, moments before my surgery.


July 6th: XP Walker Boot
Only two weeks after surgery and Dr. Brodsky removed me off the cast, and put me on a “air cast”. This could possibly be the most expensive shoe I have ever purchased: $200 a piece. Not sure



Achilles 1Achilles 2

Two weeks after surgery



09 - BM - 407