Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the road again…


On the road again
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
Goin' places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again


Here we are, on the road again. This time, instead of 150 miles round trip to a state park in Connecticut, we are covering 500 miles to Maryland. A very modest and pretentious measure of resistance when compared to our final goal. a 7,00 mile cross country trip, but nevertheless another achievement. And once again La Poderosa has shown us how capable and willing she is.


Coalesce Trip - 01


The final destination was The Coalesce Festival: a summer festival full of arts, music and good vibes. This was the first year for this specific festival, though the main groups putting the party together have other festivals going on at the same time (Gaian Mind, Pex, Psybotik, etc).

Having La Poderosa as our HQ was actually great, and originally we had agreed to simply park her, and put our tents up near the sound stages, but after the first night when we had a nice bed and all the benefits of a RV we decided to change our original plans.

  Coalesce Trip - 02 Coalesce Trip - 03


Coalesce Trip - 04 Coalesce Trip - 05


We had our music going on any time we wanted, we had the awnings, we could rest inside, and quickly isolate ourselves from the party whenever we wanted to.


Coalesce Trip - 06 Coalesce Trip - 08




   Coalesce Trip - 10 Coalesce Trip - 11


One of the tasks for this trip (yes, I am an engineer and my projects are divided in tasks!) was to finally figure out the gas consumption for the big girl. Very simple task, isn’t it?  Just fill up the tank, drive 5 hours to Maryland, re-fill the tank and measure the distance. Well, not with this girl. We absolutely have NO idea how many gallons


Coalesce Trip - 12 




Coalesce Trip - 14




 Coalesce Trip - 15 




Coalesce Trip - 17 Coalesce Trip - 18

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On the road to find out

Few months away to the main trip, and we still face some important questions regarding La Poderosa, and something we could not address previously was the plumbing conditions:

- Are the water tanks working? How do they actually work? How is the plumbing? Can we rely on the RV for water usage in the desert?

Originally these were not really hard questions to figure it out, but testing these  systems at a driveway would be impossible. So here was the latest plan: go to a state park with RV sites, connect the hoses and plumbing, and figure out the systems. Great, on top of that, we could possibly meet some other RV owners and get some pointers on things.

The plan is set, we reserved a site at the Salt Rock State Campground in Connecticut, bought some beers, got some pounds of red meat and got ready for the trip.


Salt Rock - 01


Well, we were in a great mood, despite the fact we were only able to leave Stamford around 4pm Saturday (and we had to come back next day and we had a list of tasks planned for the weekend), but once on the road, happiness was all  reigning again inside La Poderosa: the sound system was working fine, the girl felt lighter after the generator removal, and best of all, we had just purchased a new grill and were about to do our very first trip around.

Salt Rock - 05Our brand new Weber charcoal grill, the highlight of the evening


(Un)Fortunately, life is full of surprises, and its on you to decide if the glass is half full or half empty. At our first attempt trying to use the city water hook up, we basically flooded La Poderosa’s interior. Not good, and even worse if you consider it is carpeted and we have intensively tried to remove the mold odors out of it…  Water was flowing freely inside and we had no idea what the hell was the problem. Next attempt was using the water tanks. Well, again, not so good: water was AGAIN leaking inside the RV, and the carpet was soaked. But we were able to confirm the water tank was working as well as the water pump. :)

But the night was approaching and nothing better than a nice piece of Picanha to cheer some spirits up!

   Salt Rock - 03 Salt Rock - 04 

The food was actually great, and that did help us forget the plumbing issues for a minute and focus on other items we needed to fix: the poker table needed some tightening, the sheets needed to be placed back, the seats needed the upholstery back, and things like that. We decided the next morning we would first focus on the easy things then take another look a the plumbing.

Salt Rock - 07

Here is the beauty of life, and how one failed day can absolutely be followed by a nice Sunday: it was our first time actually sleeping inside of it, and despite the fact we did not verbalized it, we both new La Poderosa wanted to make the trip with us: we were taking care of small things, tightening screws here and there, cleaning and vacuuming the water out,  taking care of every small detail.. We were a family now… We knew we had to respect it, and it would respect us back.

The plumbing issue all of a sudden became a small detail: we’ve traced it back to a hose connection, and we are confident we will be able to fix it. The game is on!

Salt Rock - 06

Note #1: Remember in 10 years how Adriano was desperately trying to light up the grill and took him almost 1 hour.

Note #2: Remember in 10 years that I was trying to be a Smartass and show him how to light up the grill using a “fan”, but because I didn't have a fan I tried instead using the vacuum, thing is, it vacuumed the almost-lit charcoal and melted the vacuum cleaner!

Note #3: Also remember that Adriano was not able to light up the grill Sunday morning, so we gave up eating steak for breakfast. We actually even tried using engine oil and toilet paper but that didnt work. Lesson learned: we need cooking oil and newspaper for the trip!

Note #4: The plan to meet some random RV owner and ask for tips did not happen: we were literally the only people camping at the ENTIRE state park.. the previous weekend was a holiday (i am bad remembering holidays) …

Friday, June 18, 2010

Surgery Table: Liposuction

Not that I do not appreciate some strategically located fat on women, but La Poderosa, at a handful of tons (more accurately two hands full!), definitely could benefit from some weight-loss program and our pockets would really appreciate the better mileage as well! Time is of essence, so when you need to lose weight and you don’t have the time do to it naturally, you go to the surgeon’s table!

In our modest case, we could not fully afford a professional surgeon, so we went the old fashion: the butcher’s way! You go there and rip that fat out! LOL!



Liposuction - 03 Here we have Butchers #1, Adriano, analyzing our dear patient!


Liposuction - 01Here we have the cavity, after the procedures!


 Liposuction - 02  Liposuction - 04

The culprit: Onan 4KW Generator, weighting approximately 250 Lbs… so yeah, our lady is a bit sexier now!



  Liposuction - 07