Saturday, March 19, 2011

All The Small Things

Intriguing how our perception of value is linearly proportional to our reality at that moment, and most of the times what we have abundantly available to us is not given proper value. Life is a collection of choices, and at some point or another we happen to choose something based not on its actual value but merely on its perceived value. And other times we do the opposite.

For those that really know me, this one should be a no-brainer: me and my best friend, in the Black Rock Desert, away from the psychological constraints of everyday life and enjoying some charcoal-grilled steak. Plain and simple. Sea salt and music. Nothing expensive or luxurious. Maybe life does get better than this, but not by much, believe me. Here are a couple of 2010 best moments, and the perfection, though absolutely imperfect, comes from the simply fact that all small things were together, making the big thing unforgettable.

     08-31 @ 20.21.44 - _IGP8751  08-31 @ 20.20.03 - _IGP8747 08-31 @ 20.20.59 - _IGP8750


08-31 @ 21.37.40 - _IGP8811 

I would like to celebrate, as usually late, my brother’s birthday, this incredible wonderful human being that has taught me a lot more about life than he can imagine. A true friend that I really admire and always try to learn from.

Adriano, thanks for the great multi dimensional journeys and the lessons of true friendship! I wish you all the greatest things, small and big. Love ya bro!


08-26 @ 13.25.07 - IMGP7736