Monday, September 26, 2011

Rocket Man


Here are some aerial shots of Black Rock City. Look around and you may be able to find your camp, art car or even yourself, depending on how big you are.

Black Rock City, Overview




Black Rock City, Overview 

Center CampTemple




Man & TempleBlack Rock City, Overview

Finding a pilot to take us over BRC was no easy task, but thanks to my friend Kevin O’Pilot, who pulled some very tight strings, we made this awesome trip. Well worth the wait! Thanks again Kevin!

September 02_20-48-35

Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to Black Rock City


Note to BRC virgins or “Burners who usually choose to sleep thru the gate waiting line” (I am guilty!): Black Rock City starts at the road to the playa, enjoy it!


August 31_01-47-52



August 31_01-48-39

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breaking Bad(ly)


I suspect the big girl got really insulted when we returned from last year’s cross-country round trip and people would be surprised to hear we had driven almost 7,000 miles. Even more surprised when I would tell them Catalina was a 1988 RV, very similar to the RVs around Nebraska, cooking meth. Well, La Poderosa had to do it again, hit that road and rip through this enormous country. I admit, sometimes breaking badly and other times badly breaking down. But nevertheless, piling up miles after miles. And guzzling that sweet (and expensive) gasoline,of course.


August 29_13-41-52


This year’s road trip was quite different than last year’s: whereas we had been planning for the trip for a solid 9 months, this year the trip came together in less than 3 weeks and minimal preparation. Catalina had been up for sale since June, but only with local ads. Not a lot of interest or offers. I then realized Fairfield county was not a hot market for 29’ RVs, so I decided to place it on Ebay. Less than two days in and a couple from Arizona contacted me, asking if I would drive it to the west coast and deliver the RV. I felt like a 5-year old kid being asked if he wanted ice cream for dessert.


August 29_15-47-39August 29_15-53-41August 29_15-45-43August 29_13-39-53


All of a sudden going to Burning Man was no longer an intangible dream for the year, but actually a very viable option, and magically in the best possible hippie way: driving to it! I

August 29_16-15-10



August 30_08-41-32August 30_08-43-38


August 30_22-08-53