Thursday, November 18, 2010

Road to Burning Man


Last year I had the chance to spent the night at Pyramid Lake before heading up to Black Rock City. Me and two others, sharing a small tent by the side of the lake. In the middle of nowhere. In the middle of nothing. Right there at the center of everything. Quietness. Silence. Only darkness. And many stars.


Pyramid Lake, 2009


I woke up a solid hour before the sun, and started working on my gear, getting ready for what would become one of my favorites shots for that trip. Modest, simple and resilient: i remember only getting a camera with my fisheye lens, a tripod and some inner strength to fight the desire to stay put inside my warm sleeping bag. No, I could not pass that moment, though I had no idea what would look like. The result is the photo below.

Pyramid Lake, 2009

This year we drove right through the reservation: beautiful, quiet, patient nature. The cozy clouds are a well known sign, giving me a hint this will be a great burn. I had remembered the previous experience, sleeping by the lake, the darkness and the complete solitude.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada


Nostalgic moments make me wonder if I would find peace by the lake, away from society, away from the chaos: no moments allowed to live in the moments, time leaping time. No time to have time. A blink and two months go by. A nap and ten years are gone.


  09-06 @ 12.41.24 - IMGP905609-06 @ 13.00.00 - _IGP9289


I wonder how fast seconds are in a place like this. For me, right now, even a place like that may not be slow enough for me: I need time. I need more time. I need to slow down life.