Monday, August 20, 2012

The City of Blinding Lights

Okay, almost 900 miles and here i am, Chicago. Today was a very interesting day, from french toast breakfast at a cozy Bed&Breakfast in Clarion, PA (more on that another day), to finding out my bike is actually not registered. And meeting another bike in the day, couch surfing in Chicago and hanging out at house party, all in between. Oh, how could i forget the fact that i got clocked doing 91 mph and got a nice piece of paper with my name on it and a return envelope?

Good to know i am gaining a hour a day, definetely need those hours of sleep!

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  1. Aba, muito bom saber que vc está bem.. e vivo !! hahaha juizo, ein ?? e posta noticias todos os dias, por favor !! hehe Beijos, amo vc..

  2. 91MPH? Can you please continue behaving your best past Iowa?